Yamnampet, Ghatkesar Hyderabad - 501 301

University Life


The lush green university campus is accessible to all the major city centers and other key locations in the country as well. The University’s holistic learning environment enables you to create the fulfilling life of your dreams with a wide range of academic and non-academic activities. The multiple indoor and outdoor sports facilities on the campus inspire and motivate you to give your best in any game you take up. The finest infrastructure and amenities on the campus including the restaurant, cafeteria, ATM, bicycle lanes, skating rink, and many more let you live the best life.

An array of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are conducted throughout the year on campus that will unlock your innate potential to explore interests and express yourself. The university management believes in the healing and life-enhancing power of ancient wisdom practices of yoga and meditation and actively implements them on campus. At the end of the day on campus, the student will feel a deep love for life and learning with a responsibility towards societal development.