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Computer Science Engineering

About B.Tech
Course in CSE

This course provides complete understanding of various technical skills such as: Computer programming, Data analysis and Data Science, Web development and Web design, Database management, Testing techniques, Cyber security, Data mining and Data warehousing, Mobile application development, Cryptography and Network security and a fair exposure of new technologies including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Data Science, Cyber Security, Internet of Things, etc.

Scope of Careers
for CSE Graduates

The top recruiting industries in India and all over the world employ B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering graduates as software developers, hardware engineers, programmers, web developers, system analysts, system designers, networking engineers, database administrators, game developers, quality analysis engineers, mobile application developers, information security professionals, specialist officers for numerous banking needs, and other leading professionals.

In India, Cognizant, Infosys, Wipro, IBM, Accenture, Dell, HP, Google, Facebook, Flipkart, Adobe and host of other reputed software organizations and startups are employing computer science graduates.

Average Salary of
Computer Science and Engineering Graduates

The average salary given to fresh B.Tech CSE graduates has been on the rise over the past several years. The average base salary is around Rs.5 to 8 lakhs in India. In SNIST, one of the sponsored institutions of Sreenidhi University, the highest salary package offered to software graduates is Rs. 37 lakhs per annum. With additional skills and experience the salary increases further.