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CSE - Data Science Couse Structure

About B.Tech Course in CSE -
Data Science (DS)

This program is designed to provide the students with core concepts of Computer Science and Engineering with specialization in Data Science.
This course nurtures problem solving skills using computational methods, computer tools and techniques to model various real life problems. Besides this, the course helps in analysis and deriving solutions for decision making and data visualization. Other important aspects of this program are to train the students in statistical analysis and mathematical reasoning for developing software solutions. This course also imbibes holistic learning and inspires the students to become lifelong learners.
The course also equips the students with the knowledge of hardware as well as software concepts of Data science – Big data analytics, Business analytics, Machine learning, and many others.

Scope of Careers for B.Tech
CSE - (DS) graduates:

The career path of the graduates in this course leads them to become Data scientist, Data analyst, Business analyst, etc. Data Analysis experts are most sought after professionals in the IT industry right now. The demand for these positions is much more when compared to other IT jobs. These graduates are employed in public and private sectors, financial services, retail / wholesale / e-commerce and health care industries. The various positions available for these graduates are: Data Architect, Financial modelers, Data engineers, Business Intelligence experts, and healthcare data analysts

Average salary of B.Tech
CSE - (DS) graduates:

The average salary for fresh graduates is about Rs.10 lakhs per annum. As they gain some experience and some new skills they will be working in middle-level management with a salary of up to Rs. 20 lakhs. The highest salary can be up to Rs. 30 lakhs per annum.