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CSE - (AI & ML) Couse Structure

About B.Tech Course in CSE - Artificial Intelligence
and Machine Learning (AI & ML)

This program is designed to educate the students with core concepts of Computer Science and Engineering course as well as the specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
The students will learn to work with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools to harness the great advantages in decision making to drive higher efficiency and increased profitability.
AI&ML enable a computer system to mimic human behavior. Machines can demonstrate intelligence with the help of AI&ML that is comparable to natural intelligence in the humans. The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning specialization is going to be the next big technological revolution in the software sector due to its promising capability in providing solutions to real world problems. The recent Gartner report has stated that the growth of this field will be as high as 300% in the coming 5 years.

Scope of Careers
for B.Tech CSE - (AI & ML) Graduates

These graduates have a wide variety of career opportunities such as Artificial Intelligence engineers, Machine learning engineers, Deep learning engineers, Big data engineers, AI Data Analysts, Robotic scientists, Business Intelligence Developers, and Data Scientists.

Average Salary of
B.Tech CSE - (AI & ML) Graduates

The median salary of AI&ML graduates is around Rs.14.3 lakhs per annum, as per an estimate. An AI engineer can expect 60% to 80% increase in their salary after a few years of experience and by learning new developments in the field.