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Sreenidhi University (SNU) achieves excellence in Teaching and Research by adapting to the ever-changing educational landscape, employing the most effective ways to deliver dynamic learning and others a range of experiential learning opportunities.

Sreenidhi University generates and disseminates knowledge, and emphasizes the fundamentals and applied research in Arts, Sciences, Business Management and Engineering, hence promoting lifelong learning capabilities in our students.


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Our expert-designed examination pattern tests a broad range of skills in our students.

We encourage students to participate in an array of exciting extracurricular activities.

Our focus on innovation and research equips our students to stay ahead of the curve in emerging technologies.

Explore our world-class undergraduate courses, designed in collaboration with the best of academia and industry.

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Paloalto Academy

Make your academic and career dreams come true with our proven industry-based curriculum and extensive industry-institute interactions. Every program at Sreenidhi University has a harmonious blend of the academic, practical, and research aspects deeply integrated into them. Furthermore, our innovative employability and entrepreneurial enhancement programs along with comprehensive on-the-job training and internship programs prior to graduation empower you to live the life of your dreams.

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